Saturday, December 27, 2008

alpha stamps giveaway!

remember how i posted about the daily giveaways at the alpha stamps blog?

they've started!


today's giveaway is all valentine themed, and everything's so lovely! i'm really loving the valentine collage sheets that are part of today's package, and now i'm eyeing the others enviously as well! i've never been super into victorian images in my crafting, but valentines is totally different! plus, these collage sheets aren't quite as overtly floral as some imagery. i really like the child's valentine collage sheet, and the valentine in blue sheet is oh-so-lovely. the clown valentines and the art deco valentines are gorgeous, but i REALLY love the valentine bird hearts! (of course i do! amy+bird images=pure happiness!)

i found alpha stamps a while ago when my friend kristin joined their design team. they have SO MANY goodies, at great prices, and i've ordered from them several times now (i'd have ordered more if i hadn't declared a moratorium on online shopping for my credit card's health!! plus, the exchange rate's kinda sucking lately) and it's definitely time for another order!

their shipping has always been fabulous, not overpriced, and super quick, with awesome communication from their staff. i've always had my packages shipped to my us address though, so i couldn't tell you how they are for canadian shipping. (try explaining craft supplies to the border crossing guards! um, yes, the old typewriter keys? the dresden scraps? the diecut felt shapes? old game pieces? tarot cards? they're all for art!)


Leslie said...

thanks for the nice write-up!

amy dame said...

totally deserved!

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