Saturday, October 4, 2008

things i love...... saturday!

okay, so i'm late, i know!. i was wanting to start doing a things i love thursday post, but this week was just ridiculous, and i didn't manage to get a post done. thursday was filled with errands and cleaning, and by the time i got home thursday night, i fell asleep on the couch, and friday was more of the same.

so! things i love...... saturday!

* flocking. mmm, i LOVE flocking. it's the most amazing thing, the ability to make anything you want soft! i love flocking on purchased items (i can't stop buying scrapbook paper with flocking, and i'll never give up my vintage my little ponies that are flocked), but i also love any opportunity to flock things myself. one day i'm going to suck it up and buy an actual flocking applicator, but for now, my uhu glue stick and my fingers seem to work for the things i want flocked! flocking is like glitter (which i also love), but FUZZY! how could anything be more awesome than that?

* halloween! i imagine this will be on my list all month! halloween is my favourite holiday for gothy crafting (x-mas is my favourite holiday for vintage crafting, fyi), and i love all the STUFF available! we don't have as awesome stuff in canada (super jealous of target), but it's still pretty damn awesome. i love wandering the halloween aisles... and the CRAFT SUPPLIES available! oh, halloween.

* the sound of train whistles. oh, how i love the sound of trains. i always have, as long as i can remember. when i was in grade 5, we lived in a house that was about 2 and a half blocks from the train tracks, the perfect distance - you could hear them, but you didn't have to HEAR them constantly! i used to lie in bed and listen to them. as a teenager, i could hear the ferry whistles from my bedroom, which wasn't really the same, but when the wind conditions were just right, i'd hear train whistles too. when i was 18, i lived in ontario for about a month immediately after living in the yukon for 3 months, and i was starting to get a bit homesick by that point, but i could hear the whistles at night, and that made me feel better. now i live about 8 or 9 blocks from tracks that really only have trains in the middle of the night (which is much handier for daytime driving!). i can lie in bed and hear them throughout the night, and it's so lovely and comforting. i love that sound.

* dressew! though they're a pain to get to, they're SO worth the trip! i've been trying to get in there since the spring, and just never needed anything bad enough to make the effort. the other day i had some time to kill downtown, so off i went! i was in a bit of a rush, so i didn't even let myself look at fabrics, and as a result, i think i spent the least i've ever spent there before! (good for my new budgeting resolution!)

* my bed. another thing that will show up on this list regularly! i LOOOOVE my bed. my parents bought it for me when i first started getting sick, wanting me to have more support for my back. it has support, but it also has a thick pillowtop, and i've added a memory foam pad to it. the frame is one i had bought myself a few years before, my very first "grown up" furniture purchase where i went to an actual store, not a thrift store, and bought something without intending to make it over! it's silver metal, and sturdy as all hell. i took a friend with me to help me load it, though i learned a lesson - taking a guy furniture shopping with you is like an instant session of heterosexist frustration! the salesperson kept talking over my head, and it was terrible. but anyway. i have multiple pillows, including a memory foam one, and a big duvet (with a cover made of flocked fabric, incidentally) and a comforter on top. my bed is like a soft cushy cloud! a soft cushy cloud full of cat hair! sofie and i have a nightime cuddle routine (it's the only time she lets me cuddle her), and she often sleeps at my feet once the cuddling is over. a few months ago i "adopted" my sister's cat, who is about twice sofie's size, and loves to sit on top of me. he sheds like the dickens, and prefers to sleep right sprawled smack dab in the middle of the bed. he and sofie are like siblings now, ripping and tearing (literally - the little brats have ripped my sheets with their claws!) around the room, usually in the middle of the night, and then settling down to sleep about a foot apart on the bed. though they're both black, their hair shows up grey on my black sheets and duvet. i resorted to vacuuming my sheets the other day, honestly!

* dylon! oh, i so love dylon! i love dyeing shit, and will at the slightest provocation. dylon hot has served me well for years now, and i have a plastic container full of a ridiculous amount of little dye tins to prove my love. i mostly dye trims, laces and stuff, though i've also dyed about a million slips over the years, rubber duckies, and yesterday, baby trees! i save all my dye in large glass jars, and reuse it. it's very handy for small things, i don't even have to dig out one of my dye pots, i just plop the bit of lace or whatever in the open jar and stick the whole thing in the microwave. easy peesy.

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