Friday, May 30, 2008

yesterday i finished my two altered ancestor pieces i was working on, as well as a new chunky page. the chunky swap is taking a break after 2 more mailings, which is sad, but probably good. i've got so many swaps i want to join or organize lately, 3 different atc ones, and being in two long running swaps like the chunky one and the ancestor one was making it kind of stressful. plus, i really need to concentrate a bit less on the altered art stuff, and do some sewing, because i'm really missing that.

plus, i realized the other day that i very rarely do just plain "crafting" anymore, everything's always specific - sewing, papercrafts, embroidery and crochet. sometimes it's fun to just haul out the spray paint and glue and glitter and just make something random! i played around with some shrinky dinks the other day - those things are so damn cool, i don't know how i forgot that! i bought the "big ass book of crafts" by mark montano and there are some kickass ideas in it, i need more time if i'm ever going to be able to do any of them!

tonight i needed to chill in front of the tv for a bit, and i don't have any specific embroidery projects on the go, so i hauled out my crochet hooks and a new book i bought a few months ago of creepy amigurumi patterns. after a bunch of mis starts, i have half a head done! i'd forgotten how hard tight crochet could be on my hands, and how confusing crochet patterns can be!

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