Saturday, January 12, 2008

hmmm. bad blogger, it's been a few days.

this has been a generally crappy week overall. healthwise and stresswise, though the two are generally connected.

i did manage to finish a shirt that i started before christmas, i was just too lazy to put the sleeves in and do the neckline.
i'm not really sure how keen i am on it... i think it's a bit big around the boobs (an unfortunately common problem in my life!). but i LOVE the owl fabric!

i finished my tip in page, after much struggling. it was due on wednesday, so i was trying to work on it when i really didn't feel up to it, and i ended up screwing it up a bit. i fixed it, and i'm quite happy with the end result, but it was a struggle for a while. i mailed it thursday, i'll post it once it's received.

other than that, not much crafting has been done. lots of sleeping though. i did a bit of embroidery while watching a documentary at a friend's house last night (jesus camp - seriously scary!), but that project is still far from being done and postable. i need to start working on my inchies again...

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