Friday, October 26, 2007

swap info.....

i love swapping! here's some basic info for future partners -

what crafts do you do?:
sewing (pretty much everything- home dec, clothes, bags), quilting, some paper crafts, encaustics, silkscreening when i get my butt in gear, some crochet, embroidery and other needlework, machine embroidery, basic jewelery

any sorts of fabrics you love/hate?:
hate scratchy stuff! and microfibre gives me the willies.
i adore brightly coloured linen, modern quilting cottons, kona solids. i like brightly coloured trims like lace and pompoms and zippers and contrasts, like ruffles in unexpected fabrics. i love a lot of the prints that moda puts out, but i don't like how many of them have cream or brown undertones - blegh! i love japanese cotton/linens that are funkier, like echino and ruby star rising

something you just can't do but you would LOVE to learn/get something made like this!:
anything knit, polyclay dolls like the gothy ones on my wists (my attempts never turn out the way i want), stuffies (again, my attempts never turn out), felted stuff (needle felting and wet felting like dreads, beads, etc). artwork to hang on my walls, shrines, because mine never turn out the way i want them to. mini quilts, needlework, because everyone's style is so different.

Random Things
do you have any pets?
my sofie-bean, and then three other cats that i share with my mom and dad

do you have any kids *ages*?
nope. just sofie.

do you need something to carry your knitting/sewing with you?
sure! if it's to hold yarn, a zipper in the top is needed, so that sofie doesn't get into it and eat my yarn (she's a brat)

do you need another purse?
not a small one, but i could definitely use a messenger bag style purse. or a tote with a zipper to carry my yarn in. i need straps that go over my shoulder though - i tend to set purses down and forget them places unless they're attached to me!

what crafts do you admire?
knitting, felting, painting, mixed media, collage, resin, doll making, embroidery, glass work, mosaic, needlework of all kinds, modern quilting

do you collect anything?
lots of stuff...
- snowglobes,but just the dome shaped tacky ones. i LOVE vintage ones! i have a few from the 80s (like expo 86, and my light up nativity scene!) that i adore.
- old photos and negatives (erotica and regular)
- double and triple strand chunky pearls from the 50s. i love them, i have way too many pairs already, but i always want more!
- vintage veiling (with the flocked dots!), buy it, even if the hat sucks or there's no hat at all! it's so hard to find in good condition!
- virgin mary, lady of guadalupe and sacred heart stuff (oh, and rosaries! i LOVE old rosaries!), i try to avoid crucifixes and jesus stuff.
- vintage fabric and half made quilt blocks
- vintage aprons in awesome 40s and 50s prints
- pyrex/fire king/JAJ/pheonix/glasbake
- melmac
- old suitcases, especially train cases
- vintage clocks, cuckoo clocks
- fabric, obviously! i tried to resist the lure of designer fabrics, but i'm totally in love with the heather ross munki munki prints, anything designed by Melody Miller, the echino with the cameras, glasses, buses, etc
- vintage linens - bedding, table cloths, etc
- paint by numbers
- buttons. oh my lord, do i collect buttons. my favourites are the brightly coloured mid-century plastic/bakelite ones.
- typewriters
- sewing machines
- so, so much more

do you wear earrings?
i wear a single earring hooked through my tunnel. usually plastic and chunky. it needs to be on a shepherd's hook to go through my tunnel. feel free to use crappy quality metal, it bends easier anyway!

do you wear bracelets/cuffs?
not so much.

do you wear necklaces *lengths*?
i like big chunky necklaces mostly, that sit right around my neck. or simple necklaces with a chunky pendant... 18", i think.

do you prefer gold or silver findings?
silver please!


what is your favorite color?
to wear - black. i also love cherry red or burgundy.
in my house - my bedroom is black with silver, aubergine and cherry red details.
my kitchen is blues and greens. my studio/living room has blue curtains, and pink curtains but is otherwise a big mix of awesome bright colours. i love jewel tones, not so much primaries.

what is your favorite color to go with your favorite color?
red as above, silver, bright blue, purple, fuscia and neon pink.

do you have a favorite book you would like something made with?
i'd love anything francesca lia block themed. i have all my books on a shelf with the weetzie bat doll jan_on_ice made me, i'd love something to add to the "shrine"

do you have a favorite food?

Symbols: (such as hearts, stars, skulls, suns, moons)
stars are my favourite! sacred hearts or any other catholic imagery. anatomical hearts are fun too. bones. i love stripes and polka dots and non-brown leopard print. and lately i keep being drawn to zebra print, especially when it's fun colours. i adore typewriters and wooden grain elevators. oh, and chandeliers! i love them. winged hearts. wonky log cabins. half square triangles. birds, even if they're cliche. matryoshkas, cuckoo clocks. brocades. blue roses. doilies.

Allergies and Aversions
are there any colors you hate?
browns, yellows, all naturey colours that remind me of the 70s! sugary sweet pastels...

would you dislike receiving items made from animal products?
no, i'm fine with it.

is there anything you would rather not receive because of religious references?
no... i love religious stuff. i'd rather not receive non-catholic stuff though, or something that's meaningful to you religiously, because i like it for the kitsch factor, and it feels like it would be offensive if it meant something to you.

is there anything else you would dislike?
flowery, girly, pastelly, preppy, country... that stuff's not my style!

do you have any actual allergies?
scented stuff.... like candles, soaps, etc. even some fabric softeners. some metals give me rash, especially on my wrists and the back of my neck (where the clasp is), but i still wear necklaces with metal clasps!

what are your favorite movies?
tankgirl, cabaret, pretty in pink, some kind of wonderful, most john hughes cheesy 80s teen movies, heathers, crybaby, home for the holidays, pump up the volume

who are your favorite actors and actresses?
molly ringwald, annie potts, mary stuart masterson, robert downey jr, johnny depp pre-pirate!, winona ryder pre-crazy shit, liza minelli, clara bow, marilyn monroe, nicolas cage before he started doing all this adventure crap (remember him in moonstruck?!)

who are your celebrity crushes?
i don't really have any. i really love penelope garcia on criminal minds, that's probably my closest thing to a crush. her style is fabulous, she's fat and proud and quirky and brilliant, and the actress who plays her is queer, awesome!

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Anonymous said...

I have seen that you use a Brother Se-350, also you have bought a PED- Basic. I need help with them. When I download my things to the card and put them in the machine, I push the card button and the item comes up completely black. Your site has really helped me with other things.

amy dame said...


i hope you get this, i'm not able to e-mail you back directly!

first, is the software you have called PE Design Lite? that's what i have. there might be something called PED-Basic in the US, i don't know!

but assuming you have PE Design lite, it sounds like you're not saving the designs to the card. Make sure the card is in the little slot, and then open up PE Design Lite. Under file click "write to card". if you have multiple designs you want to write to it, click on "other PES Files", if you just have one, click on "current design". if you're writing multiple files (i've honestly never written only one!), you'll get a pop up screen that says "write to card". there are two screens within the screen, the one on the left will show embroidery designs that are in a folder (if you want to switch to a different folder, click the little folder icon above it to browse). click on a design in the left hand box and it will be highlighted, then click the little blue arrow that's in the middle of the screen, between the two boxes. it will copy the design into the right hand box, signifying that you want to write it. continue to select all your designs, watching the little bar above the right hand box, it shows you how much room you have left on the card. once you've selected all of your designs, click the box below the right hand box, it shows an arrow and a card.

that's it! i hope that helps!

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