Thursday, September 13, 2007

trials of embroidery

well! now that i've posted so much of the stuff i've made in the past, i can start actually using this blog. i'm sure i've missed stuff in my posting, but oh well. i KNOW i've missed stuff, i don't think i posted any quilts at all, but i'll get around to it eventually.

lately i've been really enjoying embroidery. my health's been crummy, and embroidery's something i can do on the couch in front of countless episodes of CSI. i'll start crocheting again as well, but it's still a little warm for that.

i've done a few small embroidery pieces, and i'll post them here once the recipients have received them, but i want to do some larger ones. i've been searching for tear away stabilizer so that i can embroider jersey (because i adore clothing made of jersey!), and i've been to or called 4 stores now! my fabulous family owned fabric store didn't have it, but i didn't really expect them to. then i went to the expensive quilting store close to my house and they were out of stock. then i called the stitiching store (all they carry is supplies for embroidery, crosstitch, etc) and they don't carry it! what? i called fabricana, the huge independent fabric store that's pretty pricey but carries hard to find stuff and they told me that they usually have it in stock, but were unable to go check for sure before i drove 45minutes to get it. boo on you!

i'll go to fabricana though, because i don't have a whole lot of options. they're open till 9 at least, so i can wait until after rush hour to drive there.

yesterday i sewed myself a few skirts. two were very simple, one involved ruffles, but really, nothing fancy. i'm happy anyway, because i love skirts, and i need more of them. i want to embroider one of them, hence the obsession with the tear away stabilizer!

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