Wednesday, September 12, 2007

March/07 - Cuffs and veggie stuff, flower pins

from a bike inner tube, with cool star rivets.

black vinyl with a silver vinyl cutout.

black felt with clear vinyl sewn over and tiny star sequins between the layers.

and fruits and veggie stuff. i have a kiwi purse too, but i haven't resized the pictures yet. i'll post them later.

little strawberry wristlet.

cherry pasties.

an embroidered cucumber pillow. i found the pattern in an old mccall's craft magazine, it was intended for a girl's bedroom with lots of gingham (farm fresh and all that. GAG!) i made it smaller, and out of satin and embroidery floss instead of cotton and yarn. and i made a secret pocket! it's a cucumber pillow for hiding, um, "cucumber" shaped things that you keep near your bed, if ya know what i mean!

and a few flower pins.

i LOVE this one. it made my fingers hurt soo bad.

this one is boring, but she said that her favourite colour was olive green, so i just whipped it up with some leftovers from the kiwi purse.

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