Wednesday, September 12, 2007

july/07 - vinyl carryon bag

the bag's really cute! and HUGE!

i decided that i really needed some sort of a carry on for the airplane, and a bag to hold my craft supplies in the car on the way there.

i looked up the size requirements for a carry on bag and made the bag as close as possible.

the maximum size for air canada and for west jet was 21.5" x 9" x 15.5" (i only bothered to check the two, once i realized they were the same i assumed others would be too. damned if i can remember what i'm flying. probably west jet (yay tin can in the sky. i hate west jet.) cause dad's pissed off at air canada right now, and he booked the ticket.)

my bag ended up being 21" x 8" x 15.5" sooo close!!!
(as usual, click on the pics and a new window will open up showing the full image)

black upholstery vinyl, and "fake" piping around the edges in red vintl
(fake as in there's no actual cording inside it)

it's very floppy, but it'll be fine once there's stuff in it. i didn't bother lining it, which will probably drive me crazy later, but i didnt' have time to fiddle with lining today. there's a piece of sturdy plastic cut to size in the bottom.

the cherry applique on the front pocket.

the top of the bag. i cut strips of vinyl slightly narrower than the strapping material and sewed them on, because i thought the vinyl might be annoyingly sticky on hot days if i'm wearing a tank top, and to add strength, given the hugeness of the bag.

ring on the end of the zipper pull. i added a leaf, just to add a bit more of the green elsewhere on the bag.

this bag totally isn't up to my usual sewing standards, cause it was just for me, i was in a hurry, and the pattern i made up required a bit of fudging, but i'm still happy. just don't look too closely. and it's so huge, think of how much yarn i can take on the plane!!!

also, given how high maintenance i am, it might actually fit all my "necessities" for a weekend trip (provided i wear my demonias instead of packing them). or maybe not. it would definitely be fine for overnight though!


Jennie said...

What an amazing bag! I love cherries.

Ilona said...

This is such a COOL bag! Love the blue swirls.

amy dame said...

thank you both! i still use it every time i travel!

i made a smaller wristlet with the same design for my essentials too!

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