Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday

look at me, writing posts! you've obviously noticed by now that when i get really stressed out, anxious or depressed, i stop blogging. keeping up is just one more thing to overwhelm me, but i really miss it, and it's always a relief when things calm down enough for me to get back into it.

(i've been blogging for more than 5 years now. wow, huh? i totally missed my five year anniversary a few months ago - maybe i'll get myself organized before i hit my 500th post!)

one of the things that i've missed about blogging was the weekly WIP post. i don't like listing all of my WIPs, cause hello, overwhelming, but i do like to keep myself on track, and show pictures of my in progress projects and see what everyone else is up to.

this week's big WIP is, of course, my Kona Modern Quilts challenge projects. i have a large quilt partially quilted, a finished baby top to be sandwiched and quilted, a English Paper pieced pillow top that i'm not sure will ever be finished, a planned pillow that i purchased the fabric for but now can't find, and an art piece that i was stalled on until i picked up a supply item on monday. i'm hoping to at least get the two quilts and the art piece finished by the FVMQG december meeting, you can tell i had more ideas than time!

this is the large quilt when i first started quilting it, with my freezer paper templates all in place.
kmq wedding rings in progress

and here's a snippet of the baby quilt - i'll save the full reveal until after i've sandwiched and quilted it. plus, i promised my mom that if she held it up while i took a picture of it, i wouldn't show anyone her pjs, so it had to be cropped!
kmq baby quilt in progress

in addition to the challenge pieces, the BIG project of the moment is finishing up the tutorials for Got Craft items, and then making tons of the actual items to sell! i've a large pile of pincushions and needlebooks waiting for buttons, thanks to lovely guild members, and i'm planning on a bundle of the Gift Card Holders. oh, and keychains.... and maybe a few more pincushions... and lanyards....

and once the Got Craft goodies are finished, i NEED to get caught up on bee blocks, as i'm getting ridiculously behind, and then there are holiday swap items and christmas gifts, and an example for FVMQG's first block lotto. crap, i think i just overwhelmed myself again!

i'm linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and at The Needle And Thread Network, and now i'm off to check out everyone else's WIPs!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedWIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network


cinzia said...

I am very intrigued by your baby quilt. Can't wait to see it done!

Pomegranate Quilts said...

Those wedding rings are fabulous - I love the black "jewel" where two rings meet. Very striking.

janae king...sewing patterns said...

i LOVE the circle quilt! so fun...and the colors are awsome!

Mina said...

Loving your projects. I wish I could do that

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

... and breathe! You'll be fine honey x

Poppyprint said...

YOur Kona modern quilt is brilliant, Amy. I don't list my WIPs for exactly the same reason. I had a mini meltdown the week before my retreat while packing...I was simply overwhelmed with feeling guilty with all my UFOs, fabric, thread, notions. Argh! I'm finished my bees now (with blocks for FOUR quilt tops sitting on my shelves, there is no reason to join another bee!) and I'm not going to sign on for any swaps. It's so hard, though.

THank you for all you do for VMQG, it's really a ton! We appreciate you :)

Unknown said...

And may I say that I admire all of us who create, so very much. My elderly aunt scoffed at me years ago, and commented that I am always working on something. When I due, I will leave behind a huge volume of work, among them two very notable story quilts, of the dozens I have made. Not to mention dozens of crocheted rugs, afghans, fabric bouses, jewelry, purses, totes, dolls, shawls, altered books and theatre costumes. I get overwhelmed, too, especially when I have a dozen costumes to create is six Weeks. But I usually figure out how much time I can spend on each one, and then forge ahead. Keep up the good work. Thou inspire me! And you young people are carrying the age old craft of handiwork forward, in your version of what was stated by the lacemakers, the crewel embroiderers, the fairisle knitters, the old homespun crocheters, and the floursack fabric quilters from the Depression era.

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