Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friday/Sunday Felicities!

i did an impromptu Felicities post earlier this week, so this one is a bit more superficial..... welcome to the consumerism issue of Friday Felicities!

Felicity #1 - Black Friday!

i hate shopping malls and i hate crowds, but i'm a huge fan of online shopping, so this has been a pretty great weekend! is having a pretty great sale with lots of designer cottons for $4.95 a yard - including lots of Habitat prints! (i know you'd all be sad if you missed out on those!) i didn't buy any - even though i actually really liked the Habitat line - because i still have a Habitat quilt on my WIP list. i was being responsible, okay?

i did pick up some yummy prints though, mostly Tula Pink's Parisville and Erin McMorris' Summersault, two lines that i really liked and thought i'd missed out on. i also grabbed a few spools of Aurifil 50wt thread (so cheap!) and some vinyl and oilcloth to play with.

and in addition to the Black Friday sales, also has a Thanksgiving coupon code right now where you can get 15% off purchases $50-$99.99, 20% off purchases $100.00-$199.99 and 25% off purchases $200.00 and up. Since i needed to buy 7 yards of one print for an art quilt i'm planning, i combined that with the prints i picked up, and was able to get 20% of it as well.

Pink Castle Fabrics is having an AWESOME sale, with 25% off all Kokka fabrics! (and Liberty, and precuts, and 10% off a bunch of other stuff...) this is perfect timing, cause my friend Heidi just brought to my attention the fact that Melody Miller's latest fabric line, Ruby Star Sparkle, is out! you all know that i can't resist that, right? however, i DID only buy my absolute favourite prints in the line.... that's responsible, right?

Michelle Patterns is also having their annual DIY for the Holidays sale, with all patterns $5. this sale ends today though, so if there are any patterns you've been eyeing, grab them now! (did you see Krista's version of the Two Zip Hipster?) a lot of their hand bags are small by my standards, but i'd definitely been eyeing the Ditty Bags, the shape is so awesome!

you guys have heard me rave about Urban Threads before, right? they're having a storewide 50% off sale! their sale goes until December 2nd, so you have a bit more time to peruse their giant selection. even if you're not a machine embroiderer, you should definitely check out their hand embroidery patterns - they're $0.50 each! i definitely need to get back into machine embroidery, and i know they've added a ton of new designs since i last bought a bunch, so i know what i'll be buying this week....

(if you're looking for more Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, Sew Sweetness has a great round up of fabric sales)

and to continue with the shopping theme -

Felicity #2 - Save On Fabrics

i'm pretty sure i've talked about Save On Fabrics before, but it's probably been quite a while. Save On is a family owned fabric store less than 5 minutes away from my parent's house, and i've been going there for years now. they recognize my voice on the phone, though they can't always tell the difference between me and my sister!

Save on Fabrics isn't your traditional quilt store - i actually started going there when i was doing a lot of work with vinyl, because they have an awesome selection of vinyl and upholstery fabrics. they also carry a lot of fashion fabrics like chiffon, rayon, silk, a great selection of cotton knits (best i've found in the lower mainland, actually) and synthetic knits like spandex, lots of flannelette, some great wools and linens, and all of the usual interfacings, stabilizers, etc. basically, they have everything! their prices are always comparable, but quite often they're awesome.

they don't usually have a whole lot of cotton prints, but what they do have is a great price, $6.99 or $7.99 a metre (i forget which, helpful, i know). a few weeks ago i went in to pick up one little thing, and there were bolts of cotton everywhere! they'd just gotten in a whole bunch of prints of all different styles, so i dug through them and found some great additions to my stash.

grey and blue
i love this line! you can see from the large coordinating print on the bottom of the stack that there's yellow in this line as well, but i just picked up these ones. (i have a RIDICULOUS amount of yellow in my stash, due to a previous project that i still haven't gotten around to blogging)

best dad ever
kind of a novelty print, but oh so cute! and i love the graph paper print!

(recognize the top one from the keychain tutorial?)


felicity said...

Why have I never heard of Save On fabrics before?? I *need* some nice cotton knits for stuff for G! I think a road trip is in order. The cottons you got are fab, too!! I was wondering where the keychain fabric had come from, too!

Thanks for linking up to Friday Felicities and also for the Save On tip.

Sparky said...

I just love your fabric sense....

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