Tuesday, October 30, 2012

upcoming, and teeth! (not upcoming teeth!)

hey guys!

this post is mostly a heads-up of sorts, because i'm about to go from posting once a week if i'm lucky (and really, i'm not usually that lucky!) to posting a whole bunch, all at once.

a whole bunch of what? why, tutorials! isn't that exciting?

the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is trying something new, and we're going to be participating in a craft show! we'll be at Got Craft? on December 8th and 9th, at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver.

a portion of our table will be stuff made by members who have their own shops. it'll primarily be people who sell patterns and kits, but also folks who make fun stuff like wristlets and bookmarks and other goodies.

the other portion of our table will be items made by members to fundraise for the guild. in order to keep it all consistent, we've decided on specific items, and everyone will follow the same tutorials.

see what i'm getting at here?

i've written up tutorials for some of the items that we'll be selling, including
mini bunting
finished bunting

finished lanyard

finished needlebooks

and more! we're focusing on small gift items, especially items that you could give a crafty person. and all modern, of course!

i'll be posting the tutorials within the next few days, so that we can get started on sewing merchandise. it might be a good time for you to get started on stocking stuffers too....

in other, totally non-related news, i went to the dentist today.... i hate the dentist, so i've been avoiding it for ages, and i think that's backfired on me. i got a referral to an oral surgeon. scary!

i had to get one of those 3D x-rays where you stand very still and the machine goes around you, and they made me take out all of my jewelery, except for my monroe, which i've had since 2003, and have never taken out. i'm going to go to my grave with this piercing!

they put the x-ray up on this big screen in the examining room, so i took a picture of it. i should ask them for the file, don't you think? if i pay $60 for an x-ray, i should get to keep it! maybe not.


but i still think it's super cool looking.

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Mrs Flying Blind... said...

What a great photo!!
Looking forward to the crafty bits x

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