Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday VMQG!

tonight was VMQG's 2nd anniversary meeting.

it's really hard to believe that it's been 2 years. i feel like i've grown so much creatively since the guild started. when i went to the first meeting in june of 2010, i hadn't made a quilt in YEARS. now it's all i can think about, my wardrobe is severaly lacking because i can't stop with the patchwork and quilting long enough to sew up the tights that i cut out in the spring of 2010, or alter a few skirts. i haven't really done any mixed media in that time frame either, and while i miss it, i obviously don't miss it enough to take time away from my current passion!

i'm not going to start gushing about how awesome my guilds are again, don't worry. i'm too tired for that anyway!

but i thought i'd share a few pictures before i take myself off to bed.


Heather baked and iced almost 50 cupcakes in colours that related to our logo. how amazing is that? (there were green ones too, that didn't fit in the picture.)

cupcake toppers

and i made cupcake toppers this afternoon, some with our logo, some with the number 2 in our colours. they turned out so cute!

(Carol took a much better picture!)

we had a more social meeting than usual, with an icebreaker, an extra long break and lots of chatting afterwards. it was so nice to talk to so many people. there was much laughter, as is usual for our meetings, along with lots of inspirational show and tell, and awesome prizes.

folks were so amazingly generous with door prizes! at our first anniversary, we decided that we wanted to send everyone at the meeting home with a door prize, kind of a "birthday present" for everyone who helped us celebrate. we did that again this year, and it was fabulous. we had at least 40 people at the meeting, and we still had extra prizes!

door prizes 1

door prizes 2

door prizes 3

i brought the red button pouch that i posted a few weeks ago, and finished up this grey one as well, using leftovers from the UT tote. we're all pouch crazy these days!

grey improv pouch

grey improv zipper

all in all, it was an awesome evening. and i'm definitely sleeping in tomorrow!


Cherie said...

You saved one of the cupcakes for me right?
Sounds like you had a fun evening! The pouch is so cute! =D

Carol Browne said...

Along with the cupcakes, the punch was delicious. Actually, the whole darn meeting was delish. I have been thinking about the tie quilt all day long. Super genius!

Happy weekend!

Arita said...

It sure was a fun meeting actually it's been a fun two years. Carol, maybe you will think of joining VMQG on a regular basis.

Poppyprint said...

Thanks for all you do to make the VMQG the funnest place to be on the third Thursday of the month, Amy!!!!

felicity said...

Agreed - you are a big part of what makes the VMQG awesome, Amy!

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