Saturday, May 26, 2012

WIPs and the week

whew, what a week!

yesterday was the last day to submit your nominations for The Blogger's Quilt Festival. did you get yours in? did you even manage to get through all of the AMAZING quilts?

i've had a rough week, feeling pretty crummy, so the eyecandy was a welcome distraction. i checked out all 621 quilts! i didn't comment as much as i would've liked, since i wasn't thinking super clearly, but as i came across quilts that i loved, i popped the link into a word file along with a mini description, and i'm hoping to get back to them as i have more time. it was REALLY REALLY hard to narrow them down!

some of the categories were tough too. it's hard to imagine size out of context! is it a baby quilt, a mini quilt? a lap quilt or a bed quilt? i'm super excited to see which quilts were nominated the most, but i feel so bad for Amy, having to straighten all that out this weekend. i'm sure there are going to be tons of quilts nominated in each section, there were just SO MANY amazing quilts!

i haven't decided on my "viewer's choice" quilt though. maybe i should just list all of my faves and draw a number or something!

and then it was Sew Mama Sew Giveaway week too! did you enter many? did you win anything? i honestly didn't really bother. i thought about doing a giveaway, but knew i wasn't up to responding to all of the comments, and i just decided to skip it. i entered a few giveaways, from blogs that i follow anyway, but i skipped most of those too. i always want to leave real comments (because i babble as much in comments as i do here), and if i don't have the time or the energy, it's not worth it. but hopefully i'll be prepared in advance and up to the next one!

in other news, jeez, am i behind! ohmygoodness, it feels like i have a lot of things to get done by the end of the month, and then by the middle of the month. i started thinking about a WIP (work in progress) Wednesday post, and just listing it all out in my head totally stressed me out.

but i did take a few WIP pictures, so i might as well share them, right?

grey and yellow
a current quilt project that i need to finish ASAP!

and what my table has been looking like lately - bag making supplies! all sorts of closures! how many different kinds can you count? we'll see who was paying the most attention during my little talk at the last VMQG meeting! i'm hoping to get some bag examples blogged this week.

i'm off today to meet up with some quilty friends, and i'm awfully excited!

i was voluntold to bring my awesome/amazing/fabulous gluten-free cupcakes, which is no biggie, though yesterday was a lot busier than i thought it would be. but i figured i'd make them just before bed and ice them in the morning... as i was making them, i was thinking, jeez, this batter isn't really going far... i doubled the recipe and i'm still only getting 16 cupcakes. hmm, i must have made them fuller than i thought...

and then as i was tidying up the kitchen, i glanced at the bag of sugar and thought "oh shit"

i forgot the sugar! the recipe always looks runny, and i don't taste it as i'm making it cause it tastes nasty (the apple cider vinegar, i think), so i totally didn't realize until it occurred to me that i didn't remember opening the bag! whoops.

so i made another batch. at least they'll be appreciated!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I would have eaten the sugar-free ones anyway - sure I would have had to add something like jam and cream and stuff, but waste not want not!! xxx

Cherie said...

Feeling crummy is never a good. There were so many entries and it very hard to define each category.
I only entered giveaways of blogs I actually follow, the rest I just thought meh!.

Ooo bag making supplies which ones are you making? =D

I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

Poppyprint said...

D'oh, of course those cupcakes were appreciated!! I had two! Great to see you Amy - it was a fun day for sure. I agree, the BQF is really tough. It's impossible to give over 600 quilts there due attention, but I made a pretty good effort and checked out over 250 of them.

Dana said... have a decent gluten-free cupcake recipe?? Are you willing to share it? I had to go gluten-free a month ago and it's basically been a tasteless, dessert-less hell! I just had my first gluten-free pizza and it was awful. I'd love to try those cupcakes!

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