Sunday, May 6, 2012

Perennial Pleasures block!

i've been meaning to post this all week.


i thought it would be good to post on May Day, being that it's springy flowers, but i couldn't bring myself to do it. in my world, May Day is usually more about worker's rights, and less about maypoles!

have you been following the Garden Party Blog Hop on it was a whole month of fabulous free paper pieced patterns, all in celebration of Jennifer's birthday. and of course, they're all Garden Party themed! Sonja designed a gorgeous block for it!

i started sewing up one of the blocks at the FVMQG sew-in a few weeks ago, but hadn't finished it yet.

but then Jennifer posted her block design, Perennial Pleasures, and announced that anyone who made it within a week would be entered to win a copy of Electric Quilt 7! really! how could i resist?

plus, it's a super pretty block!

garden party blog hop

i haven't decided what i'm going to do with it yet (suggestions welcome!), so i pieced the version with a butterfly, but there's a version with a wine glass too! it was fun to do. i dug out my green scraps for the stems and leaves, and had fun choosing prints for the flowers, the flowerpot and the tablecloth. i'm glad to have finally used that Melissa Averinos Swoon print - i love it, but hadn't found the perfect project for it yet.

you should check out the flickr group, and see a whole bunch of lovely versions of this block, and lots of the other blocks as well!

on a side note, last night i finally sat down to post this, but i got distracted by the SWEETEST movie. aw! i totally recommend it. (don't go by the rating, read the reviews instead.) and while i admittedly have a soft spot for coming out/first love movies, i'm sure you'll love it too! it's probably one of the most romantic movies i've ever seen. remember that feeling when you're just getting together with someone, and there's that sweet awkwardness, like, who's going to make the first move, and there's tension in even the most innocent things? and that feeling when you're so into someone that you're overwhelmed by it all, and all you can really do is grin? it's so accurately portrayed in this film that the genders of the people involved are irrelevant. though as a side benefit, since most of you are hetero women, you'll totally appreciate the hotness of the lead actors. (and it's a surf movie, so there's quite a bit of skin!)


Cherie said...

The block looks great. Love the bright colours! Paper piecing never fails to look good =D

p.s checking out the movie too

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Love the block!

Holly said...

Yay! I love seeing you blogging again! I need to get some posts written myself!

Your block is so fresh and springy! Nice use of fabrics and the swoon print looks great there.

I'll have to file the movie recommendation away on my "to watch" list.

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