Wednesday, September 21, 2011

this black and white dresden pops!

i've missed the past few Iron Craft challenges. i was busy with something else (damned if i know what) the week that the theme was Creative Activities (ie, things you'd enter in a state fair), and though last week's Shrink to Fit mini challenge would have been a great excuse to make a mini quilt, or something even littler like that patchwork ATC that i made years ago, i completely forgot about it.

but this week's challenge was different!

the theme was Black and White, and it fit perfectly into a few things i'd been meaning to get around to anyway.

you might not remember/know this, because i'm terrible at posting about it, but i do make clothes on occasion. i used to make clothes a lot, along with costumes for both theatre and burlesque, but since i've been obsessed with quilting for the past year, my garment sewing has pretty much fallen by the wayside. which means that i really really need some new clothes!

so one of the things that i've been meaning to get around to is making some new skirts. i have quite a few pieces that i've bought in thrift stores to reconstruct, and not nearly enough variety in the skirt section of my closet!

and i've been thinking about using quilting imagery/symbolism on skirts. i honestly don't remember where the idea came from, though i know i've seen a few different variations around since i've started thinking about it, so apparently it's a common idea!

new skirt + quilting imagery + a stack of black and white prints =


skirt side 1

a dresden plate on a skirt!

half circle applique

the dresden plate is topstitched onto the skirt, and then the centre of the dresden was made using that applique method that everyone's been raving about for circles - you know, when you sew a super lightweight fabric to your regular fabric, like an interfacing or something, and then cut a slit in that and turn it right side out? i've seen it called double applique. anyway, i'm not super impressed.... you can see the lightweight fabric along the edge of the circle. it would be great if i was doing a zigzag around the edge of the circle, but if i was going to zigzag it, why don't i just do a raw edge applique?

but anyway, i still love it. the skirt itself is my favourite skirt material - doubleknit weight polyester, which i've always called fortrel. fortrel is technically a specific brandname, but everyone i know has always called all polyester of that weight fortrel. it's nasty to wear against your skin, i know, but it makes the BEST skirts! it hangs awesomely, and lasts freaking forever.

skirt frontskirt side 2skirt back

i bought a long black fortrel skirt at a thrift and cut off the bottom half for this skirt, which means i'll have enough left for another skirt from the top. i made a waistband using a comfier black knit, and a wide elastic. simple, effective. next i want to make one with hexies.....


felicity said...

I LOVE THIS SKIRT! Yes, that was intended to be yelled. LOVE IT!

kat said...

Oh, I love how that looks on a skirt!

Cynthia F said...

Love it- so cute!!

What Comes Next? said...

very cool! I love the black and white Dresden, it looks perfect on the skirt. You are just too clever!

Poppyprint said...

That is totally genius and looks great. I love it that you are wearing your passion on your skirt!!!

CrochetBlogger said...

I adore the combination of the different black and white patterns! Great fashion!

Digital Misfit said...

So fantastic! I need to rummage through my shamefully large skirt collection to see if I have any straight cut or even mid-length A line skirts that I could try this with!

Kim said...

So effing cool, I love it. Glad I stumbled across your blog!

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