Wednesday, August 17, 2011

summer picnic recipes!

you might have realized, by the lack of cooking posts on this blog, that i don't cook a whole lot. i'm not anti-cooking, i'd just rather be sewing!

but this past weekend was one of my best friend's birthday, and i decided that the surprise picnic was the perfect time to make a few recipes that i'd come across lately.

the first one was Krista of's Summer's Best Salad. i had this salad back in february when Krista organized a retreat for the VMQG and i remember liking it, except for the cilantro (not a fan!). Krista posted the recipe recently, and since the friend who i was making this for likes quinoa, it was the perfect excuse to make it.

quinoa salad

it looks good, but i kinda screwed it up! first, i skipped the cilantro, obviously, and i didn't use as many scallions as called for, because i didn't buy enough. those are no big deal, but i also realized after the fact that i hadn't measured the quinoa, i just used a full box, and i don't think i used enough. it was really really strong. i thought the lime was too strong, but several other people thought it was too sweet. (i found this tutorial for juicing a lime, and you get A LOT of juice with it!) if i'd had more quinoa, i think i would have made another box to spread the flavours out further, and it would've been great.

i also made a pasta salad, and googled for recipes for ideas of what to add. i found this recipe, and kind of followed it. i didn't add cucumber, because i didn't think it would hold up very well for leftovers, i didn't add tomatoes because i think fresh tomatoes are disgusting, i didn't add onions, because i forgot to buy one, and i used WAY less dressing than the recipe called for. but otherwise i followed it! and it was really good!

pasta salad

i wanted to make a cucumber salad as well, but ran out of time, which was fine, because we had soooo much food!

dessertwise, i made my peanut butter butterscotch marshmallow squares, because they're the birthday boy's favoutite, and super easy to make. instead of making squares, i poured the mixture into a buttered cupcake tin, to create cupcake-like shapes. once it had set, i popped them into cupcake liners, and you can see in the pictures that we put candles in them. i also tried putting a layer of melted chocolate over the top, to be like "icing", and that sort of failed! i ended up having to move them before the chocolate had fully set, so they looked sort of gross, even though they tasted fabulous!

marshmallow peanut butter
mmmm, yummy!

in addition those, i also made the most amazing things EVER! the fabulous batgirl, AKA Lori, made these cheesecake stuffed strawberries and posted them on i didn't even know that you could buy cheesecake mix! they're so easy, and so incredibly yummy!


it was a really awesome picnic, and i was pretty proud of myself for trying something new!


Holly said...

Yum! A surprise summer picnic sounds great! And the vintage sheets quilt underneath looks fabulous in the summer sunlight as well!

amy dame said...

thanks Holly!

after using it for the picnic, i'm now even more motivated to make more quilts using vintage linens. it made the picnic even more special to use it.

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