Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teal Linen and Central Park Pillow (yes, more central park!)

i figured since i posted the yellow and orange pillow the other day, i should get around to posting what i made with the first half of the Kate Spain Central Park charm pack as well.

it's linen, are you surprised?

however, this pillow was started well before the orange and yellow pillow - i posted a sneak peak back in january i finished the top then, and even quilted it, but didn't get around to making the back and constructing the pillow last month, just in time for quilt guild.

central park pillow

it's based on the Mod Mosaic pillow tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman, who blogs at Oh, Fransson. this tutorial was actually our January challenge - i didn't finish my blocks for the challenge, because the pillow took forever! my pieces were really small though, since i was working with charm squares.

i used all of the "reservoir" (aqua) and "plaza" (pink) charms from the line, with the prints bridle path, carousel, cobblestone, esplanade, hernshead, linden and trefoil, as well as carousel in "lawn" (green). there weren't enough charms for a a full 16" pillow, so i added teal linen to the top and bottom of the patchwork. and yes, it is the same linen as my bunting pillow, the stuff that i'm in love with.

central park pillow detail

the back is just the linen, with diagonal straight line quilting. like the bunting pillow, i used flannelette instead of batting to reduce bulk, but to still get the crinkled wrinkly look after washing it.

central park pillow back

i used a vintage zipper, like i always do, and it bled! i've never had that happen before, so i was a bit disappointed when i noticed the green along the zipper (after it had already been through the dryer, of course!). and see how the fabric acted on the lapped edge? i was using a zipper foot instead of a walking foot, and the fabric really pulled. i like the way it looks though... i've been so fascinated by the way fabric folds on a bias lately!


MareMare said...

That's beautiful Amy! Love it!

amy dame said...

thanks MareMare!

i like it too, now that i finally got around to finishing it!

Shanea said...

So nice! I am going to start following you, can't wait to see more of your stuff.

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