Sunday, February 20, 2011

sewing support

i've been feeling pretty crappy the last few weeks, and haven't managed to post nearly as much as i'd hoped. i had all these plans for valentine's project posts, which obviously didn't happen, and i haven't even started on my valentines to be sent out either. it's a good thing no one expects holiday messages from me to arrive on time!

this flare has been particularly bad, and there have been days when i couldn't sew at all (it sucked when one of those days was VMQG's first sew-in), and a lot of days when i couldn't focus on what i was doing. since sewing and making stuff is one of the main ways that i distract myself from my body, my pain levels, and the many many things that stress me out and make me anxious, being unable to sew or to concentrate on making stuff is incredibly frustrating. and the number of unfinished projects has been rising, as i drift between projects in an unfocused haze, so that just adds to the frustration level.

however, that seems to be lifting a bit, or maybe my mood has just lifted, and i'm starting to feel like i'm actually accomplishing things. i took out my recycling, which has been overtaking my kitchen for much too long, started on a belated birthday present (let's not talk about the unfinished x-mas presents, mmkay?), and have found the energy to finish up a few projects that were particularly begging to be completed.

and while i was finishing up the machine quilting on one of those projects, someone decided to give me a hand - or paw, as it may be. (though her paws are so huge that hand may be more accurate!)

sofie sewing1

sofie sewing2

sofie usually just sleeps when i'm sewing, or occasionally wanders around the apartment crying, so this was a nice treat, and she was actually quite good about my gentle tugs on the quilt to move her off the next side that i needed to stitch!

sofie sewing3

as long as i kept the machine speed low enough that it didn't get loud and scare her, she seemed perfectly content.

sofie watching2

sofie watching1

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