Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

valentine's day ends in about 15 minutes, but you know, it's the thought that counts. i actually sat down at the computer to write several blog posts hours ago, but between the distracting powers of facebook, a fabulous long chat with a friend, a heart breaking but also heart opening film (which i'll post about tomorrow), and way too many links to be checked out via bloglovin, here i am, half asleep, but determined to post some valentine love before going to bed.

so here are a few vintage valentines from my ephemera collection. if you'd like to see them bigger, or if you'd like to save them yourself, you can click on them to go to flickr. and you are TOTALLY welcome to download them, because it's very very frustrating when people upload vintage ephemera to flickr but don't allow downloading. it's completely illogical, and makes me very cranky. but that's getting off the point. (though if you know WHY people do that, please advise!)

anyway, aren't these freaking cute? i <3 vintage valentines.

sweet on yougiraffepeek-a-boo

and here are a few antique valentines - most of the postcards i have are from 1900-1910, so these ones most likely are too, but i can't actually remember if they were postmarked or not... several of the postcards actually have writing on them, i'll update flickr tomorrow with any info i find on them.

true love

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