Tuesday, January 11, 2011

no round up, i'm afraid!

i was thinking of doing a round up of the past year's projects, much like i did for 2008 (though apparently i skipped 2009), and i started realizing how many things i never got around to posting here... oops! that should be my new year's resolution, to actually post stuff that i make!

i'll try to catch up a bit - now that my apartment/studio is finally CLEAN(ish), i actually have a free area to hang small quilts to photograph them and such, so hopefully it'll be easier to keep up this year.

in the meantime, i thought i'd post a few snippets of things i've been working on - the ones i actually photographed, of course! there are a few embroidery projects as well, and another paperpiecing project... oh, and ridiculous amounts of button sorting, when i feel too crappy to do anything else.

a little bit of scrappy browns

a few hearts (these took me soooo much longer than i'd expected, but they're so cute!)

and lovely purple freemotion quilting

and i figured out how to make stamps in photoshop! i'm so bad with photoshop - i adore it, but i can really only do the basics.

i embroidered the words with my new elna 8300 and then scanned them. i scanned some ephemera, including the blue library card to use as the backdrop, and popped the embroidery on top. and then i found this awesome star on a 1950-60s kids playing card. i cleaned up and turned it into a stamp! two stamps, actually, one leaning left and one leaning right. i was really proud of my little invitation!

birthday party invite

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