Saturday, November 6, 2010


i've discovered a few really awesome calendar things lately. it's getting to be that time of year, as scary as that is! as proof - i bought my 2011 slingshot the other day, and folks are out and about selling PIVOT's annual Hope and Shadows photography calendar, though i haven't picked mine up yet.

if you're familiar with spoonflower (a website that digitally prints custom fabric, very cool!), you're probably familiar with their ongoing themed contests. their current contest is tea towel calendars, like the vintage tea towels that you find stashed away in your grandma's drawer, but in much better colours than that 70s harvest gold!

Cynthia, who is one of the founding members of the new Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild, and whose art i've been a huge fan of for almost 10 years now, has a super cute design in the contest, and i'm crossing my fingers that she wins, and it'll be available for purchase!

2011 Calendar design for Spoonflower

super cute, right? i'm so impatient, i want to know which shades of kona the colours match so that i can start piecing a border for it - i'm that determined to buy it!

there were a few others that i really liked. i tried to only vote for ones that i could see myself actually buying - it can be overwhelming, with 10 pages of designs to vote for, and so many of them are so darn cute! but i resisted, and only voted for three over all.

the other two were this awesome beards and whiskers calendar, which i think would make the perfect gift for some folks i know,

mustaches calendar

and this gorgeous 2011-1938 calendar. the image of a double wedding ring quilt made up of 30s inspired reproduction prints is amazing - brilliant idea, and a very modern looking quilt (yet more proof that the modern quilt movement is a throwback!)

wedding ring calendar

go vote for your favourites! (one of which will hopefully be cynthia's... no pressure!)

i've also fallen in love with Nikki McClure's 2011 calendar. her papercuts are so incredibly gorgeous, it would make me so happy to look at them every day.

nikki mcclure 2011 calendar

all of the months are amazing, but you know i love spider webs, so i'm particularly enthralled with october.

nikki mcclure 2011 calendar - october

and then i came across this free calendar that you print yourself, with over 30 super cute owl pictures to choose from. i can't pick just 12, it's just not possible. i'll have to make 2 calendars, obviously!

i really like how there's such a variety of art styles. these are a few of my favourites -

anna seepop design

kelly anndennis bennett

pamela michellepenelope and pip

go make your own!
Owl Lover 2011 Calendar

so all of this begs the question - how many calendars does one person really need? i think 3 would be okay - one by the computer, one in the kitchen, and one by the sewing machine. right? anything more than that might getting excessive....


Cynthia F said...

Yay! Thanks so much Amy, you rock!! I ordered my test print of the calendar, so once I have it I'll be able to put it for sale- hopefully in a week or so! If I win I'm going to get a couple to giveaway on my blog too....! Also I did a matching birdie print without calendar so it can be used after the calendar runs out, and ordered a sample as well. Stay tuned and thank you so much for the mention & kind words!!

Niku said...

love the calendars, especially Cynthia's beautiful, amazing birdy tea towel! love it!
my big challenge is finding really cute, funky, perfectly functional planners. I love slingshot and used them for years, but while I love the size (little one) and all the hand drawn, handwritten, doodles/etc., I've found I really need a spiral binding or handbound, something that lies flat. this year I have a cute poketo planner. I haven't found the perfect, awesome one for this year!

trudys_person said...

I voted for two of the same calendars as you did - there were so many cool ones!

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