Tuesday, October 26, 2010

back to needlework!

i'm kinda alternating between halloween and needlework here, and since i still haven't had a chance to write up my thoughts on the class this weekend (i've been housesitting with no computer - i need a laptop!), i thought i'd post a project that i'm really really happy with.

again, this is a project that i've been planning forever, and just recently got around to doing. now i can't wait to do more!

two of hearts

this was really hard to photograph, but i think you get the idea. the stitching is all done in metallic thread (which is SO much easier to use on vinyl than on fabric!), and the vinyl has a bit of a sheen, so it's a very luminous and sparkly piece.

close up

cool, huh?


trudys_person said...

Very cool! You do such original work - I never would have thought of this!

Holly said...

Very cool, Amy! You're so creative!

kelly said...

Yes! Very, very cool!

MafiosaGrrl said...

LOVE this!! My guy sings this song all of the time, so it's already stuck in my head. Now I have a lovely image to go along with it.

Anonymous said...

love it!
i agree with the comment above about you doing things i'd never have thought of :)

amy dame said...

thank you everyone! i really love how it worked out, i have a few more planned for the near future as well.

mafiosagirl, i totally had to youtube the video, because i couldn't remember the song itself!

anonymous, imagine a record of accordion music with an embroidered accordion on it..... that would look so amazing - but would it break your heart to see the record destroyed?

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