Thursday, October 14, 2010

3minute, 2dollar bunting decoration!

when i walked into work the other day, one of my coworkers had started decorating our area, and had put up a fabulous string of bunting. it looked really sharp from a distance, and it wasn't until i got much closer that i realized how she'd made it.

it was napkins!

duh! how have i never seen this before? as obsessed as i've been with bunting for several years now, and as obsessed as other craft bloggers have been, you'd think one of us would've come up with the idea by now! (someone may have, if so, link to them! i haven't seen it though, and google didn't find anything either)

this was the simplest, fastest, cheapest bunting ever, but it can look amazing. the one at work uses napkins that have an all over fall leaf design on them, and as much as i hate the colours of fall, it looks awesome.

napkin garland

i picked up a spool of metallic purple cord, hung it on the wall, and slipped the napkins over it. if you wanted to, you could put a strip of glue or doublesided tape on each one, though that might add another 2 minutes or so to the project!

the cool thing about this idea is that once in a while i totally fall in love with a paper napkin design, but i'm always torn. what am i going to DO with them? i hate paper napkins. they're super wasteful, and it seems really consumerist to buy new ones for each and every event, but you never have enough left of each design to use them again! i could use it in a collage, but do i need 24 napkins to use in a collage? this is a fabulous way to use them as decor!


i have really awesome spiderweb napkins in storage, i should go dig them out....

(fyi, it probably took me me 5 times as long to take the pictures, edit them and post this entry, than it did to make the garland!!)


AlwaysInspired said...

What a fantastic idea! I love Halloween napkins too, but won't buy them since it is wasteful. Now I have an excuse to go pick some out!

organic tables said...

This is a very nice idea. I would love to make some for my kids this Halloween. Thanks.

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