Monday, August 16, 2010

a few sets of image transfer towels, just a quickie!

several months ago i visited a friend for a few days, and because i enjoy making things for people i love and care about, i decided to make her a belated thank you gift/hostess gift.

in this case, my friend had semi-recently purchased into her first house, so i wanted the gift to be a sort of housewarming as well.

once she had left for work one morning, i roamed the house taking random photos. (luckily her roommates were still asleep or off doing their own thing!)

i knew i wanted to take photos in her bathroom, because that's what inspired me in the first place (everything in her bathroom is purple. toilet, sink, bathtub, floor, counters. i was SO JEALOUS!!), but i also took a few outside, and in her kitchen, in her main living area. i didn't know exactly what i wanted to do, but i focused on slightly off centre shots, on textures and colour combinations.

once i got home, a lightbulb went off in my head, duh, tea towels! who doesn't need more tea towels, really? plus, they're the perfect way to use some of the photos i took!

(i posted a tutorial for image transfer tea towels last spring, if you wanna see how they're made!)

i made two sets of tea towels using images from around the house

kitchen towels1
this set has a photo of the kitchen door, which was a great textured glass, and a photo of one of her shiny red vinyl and chrome kitchen chairs

kitchen towels 2
and this set shows the iron work at the front door, along with the mary hanging on it, and her front porch and entry way.

and i made a set of hand towels for the bathroom, and they're totally my favourite!

bathroom towels
the bathroom has these wonderful vintage tiles on the floor, that i completely fell in love with. i searched everywhere for purple hand towels (so much harder to find than i'd expected!), and edited my photos in photoshop to create an image that would go all the way across the towels. i love how they turned out, and hopefully the recipient did too!

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