Friday, July 16, 2010

Craft or Die Pillow

back in may i decided i wanted to make something for no reason at all, just for me. no clothes, curtains, nothing that i NEEDED, just something fun. i saw this awesome tattoo on flickr, and remembered this embroidery piece that i posted back in september, it was one of the pieces i worked on last summer.

i decided it was high time to do something with it, so after much searching (where the hell did i put it?), and a quick rinse to get the water mark from my old iron out of it, i set to work.

i rummaged through my cotton stash and pulled out brightly coloured fabrics that matched or complimented the floss shades, and then did the same with my trim. i adore rickrack, but never seem to find the right reason to use it, so this was a perfect excuse. and pom-pom trim - who can resist pompom trim, really!?


it's just a very basic log cabin, with a much larger than usual centre! i included rick rack in the seams between each strip, and the pom pom trim in the seam sewing the front and back together. i make most of my pillows 12"x12", because i have an affinity for the cheapo 12" pillows from ikea (so much cheaper than the fabric store, and they're not overly filled like some pillow forms are). this ended up being a teensy bit too big, so i just topstitched around the outer edges, adding a little bit of a flare edge and making it smaller at the same time.

c or d pillow

the back is the same pink as the outer round on the front, with a vintage zipper so that it can be removed for cleaning. i made the zipper very obvious, because it's totally a contrast zipper, and besides, i <3 vintage zippers, so i like to show them off! c or d pillow back

it's a happy pillow, perched on top of my couch between the breast cancer pillow and the democracy pillow.


AlwaysInspired said...

I just love this! Perfect use of rick rack and pom pom trim!

Digital Misfit said...

Love it! I have to make some pillows to go with my new bedding, and a pompom trim pillow is definitely on the list!

amy dame said...

thank you both!

always, i love rickrach, but i never seem to find an excuse to use it. this was the perfect excuse to use lots of it!

dm, i freaking love pompom trim! i'd put it on everything if i could...

i was thinking of making a quilt with pom pom trim all the way around it... but i wondered if my cat would try to eat them - she LOVES her glittery pompom toys!

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