Friday, January 22, 2010

christmas part 3 - the little trees!

i actually intended on 3 extra trees, two in the living room/studio, and one in the kitchen. i ran out of time for the kitchen one, but i loved the two i did manage to put up!

the first one is actually a vintage tinsel tree, the came in the coolest box, and the base almost looks handmade.

the shelf above my sewing table

this tree sits above my sewing machine table, right on top of the drawers that hold all of my embroidery threads.

it had all my favourite smaller ornaments on it, including a set of 12, and several acorn shaped ones.

the ornament at the very top is one of my favourites - it has a stylized poppy painted on it.

silver detail
so pretty!

the second little tree that i put up was a white tree, again from daiso, though it was $8 because it's bigger than the pink tree in the bathroom.

pink tree
i used all of my bright pink vintage ornaments on it, and they looked fabulous. i hung crocheted pink snowflakes on the lamp shade,

and strung beaded garland around my pictures.

i also dyed some bottle brush trees with dylon hot pink, and they turned out FABULOUS! the colour is super rich and vibrant.
magenta trees

i was really tempted to leave the pink display up for longer, but decided that they should all come down at the same time so that everything could be stored together. i'm at least 2/3s of the way done undoing everything. i know it's the 22nd of january! i'm trying to organize it all, okay?!

anyway, that's the last of the christmas decorating. i didn't do handmade cards this year, which was so sad, but i did do some handmade gifts, so i'll be posting those soon.

and then we can move onto another holiday that i love - valentine's day!

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