Thursday, September 10, 2009

wired crafts are so fascinating!

my lovely j sent me this link, and i thought i'd share it with you all as well!

here's a great article from the NY Times about technology and crafts, showcasing Alison Lewis of and her amazing home.


the article showcases the interesting and intriguing electronic projects that she's added to an already cozy space, making it welcome you in more ways than just the traditional!


i'm always so intrigued by the melding of technology and craft/art. i've eyed her book, Switch Craft, multiple times, as well as lots of the projects shown on craft and make, but i've always been intimidated. as much as i enjoyed building little electrical thingies as a kid (remember using using a potato as a battery in grade school?), it's always seemed too technical for my right brained ways! one day i'd really like to break through that mental roadblock and play around a bit more.


for more information check out the article, and be sure to watch the photo slide show for more inspiration!

(all photos by Ryan Collerd for The New York Times)


minouette said...

I've totally been thinking about adding some circuits to my crafts, trying to introduce the right brain to the left brain.

Don't be intimidated. If there's one thing I've learned as a physicist is that building things is easier than you think!

amy dame said...

you are SO more left brained than i am! i'm totally in awe of the stuff stuff you do, i'm still so in love with the chunky page you made me! my attempts at movements and popups and stuff never seem to work, there's too much math involved!

Alison said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for the post. I put up some DIY's and behind the scenes of the project from the NYTimes Article on my site: Feel free to check it out, much of what I did is super easy and requires no electronic background at all!

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