Sunday, August 30, 2009

today's oops moment, and baby gifts!

whew! things are just the slightest bit ridiculous for me at the moment, so please excuse my lack of posting! i'm start a graduated return to work schedule in two days, i'm in the process of moving, and a million other things are going on as well. life gets so complicated sometimes!

i've been in a spraypainting mode the last few days, which is so difficult for me that it's pretty much ALL i've been able to do. but i bought a stool for my kitchen at the thrift store, to sit on while i'm cooking, and it was a very dirty white, so now it's a bright green and i had a bunch of shelves that i want to put up together in the new place, so now they're all bright pink, and my blue scratched filing cabinet won't be hidden in a closet anymore, so it's on it's way to being a glosay black.

i haven't been crafting much, since i'm trying to sort and organize and pack and find things (i KNOW i used to own a can opener!), but i have several needlework pieces that i've finished recently that i want to frame and post. i found incredibly ugly gold frames, but with really awesome shapes, and since i'm already spraypainting, i thought i'd paint them fun colours and they'd be perfect.

i painted them yesterday (i even primed them first! i NEVER prime!) and they turned out awesome! they are so perfect! one's bright pink, one's bright green, and the other in a turquoisey pale blue.

painted frames

this morning i decided to mount the embroidery pieces..... and they didn't fit! the frames said right on them that they were 8"x10", but i never ACTUALLY measured....

the inside of the frames is only 8" x 6.25"! of course my 8x10 pieces don't fit! i'm so disappointed, i was so excited to get these pieces framed.

let this be a lesson to you, ALWAYS doublecheck the actual open part of the frame!

in other news, i know, i know, i'm so far behind with posting. i have some charity crocheting, the gelatin prints, some awesome mail, the amazing present a friend made me, so much to post! in the interest of trying to get even the slightest bit caught up, i'm going to post the oldest first, and try to get caught up soon!

as i'm mentioned before, the mod girls over on craftster have started having kids in the past year or so. it's been a influx!

the most recent addition to the mod babies was chase, who was born at the beginning of the summer. for each of the mod babies, i've sent hand embroidered bibs, and chase was no exception. i had 4 or 5 bibs embroidered, just waiting to be sewn up... but when i went to make the bibs, they were gone! i searched EVERYWHERE, and they were nowhere to be found. i had one bib that i was still embroidering that i finished up and made, just to be able to send A bib, but i felt bad! (i didn't find the rest of them until last week, they were in a bag in my studio, of course)

rocket bib

i thought it was awfully cute, and now i just need to get moving on finishing the rest!

(the pattern is sublime stitching, and it's all chainstitch, except the backstitch used for the "reflection" on the rocket window)

luckily, i had more to send than just the one lonely bib!

i made him a quilt! i actually made two quilts with the same fabric, and gave one to my mom for a friend of hers, so there are two in the pictures below. the backs are both solid blue flannelette, and they're both tied with red embroidery floss.

i fell in love with the robot flannelette, and went searching for other colours to match. i kind of wish i'd sewn it with some of the striped squares going vertical, just to add a bit more movement to the quilts, but i still think they turned out cute!



by the time i finished the two quilts out the same fabric, i felt like they'd taken FOREVER, but i had a super pretty purple floral flannelette that i want to use, that i thought would be perfect for anne marie, so i made another! (anne marie was born in february, and i posted before with the embroidered bibs i sent her)

i found pink gingham flannelette and pink polka dots, and used them along with the purple i already had. i did an actual pattern with this one, one of my absolute favourites ever, a rail fence quilt, and i'm much happier with the movement in it. the backing is the same purple, and it's tied with pink embroidery floss.




am hemi
(hemi felt the need to help!)


Kylie Bowers said...

Oh wow they look Fantastic, Loving that Bib :)

amy dame said...

thanks kylie!

roseylittlethings said...

Love all the projects! That stinks about the frames, they look great though! I have a wall with empty frames on it as decoration. I have stolen a few when I need to frame something!

bee listy said...

everything is fantastic, but i'm truly in love with the frames!!!

amy dame said...

thanks to both of you!

jen, i totally love that idea, but i don't have the wall space. or rather, i have too many pieces that fill frames, taking up the wall space! that's on my list of "things to do when i win the lottery and have a house big enough for multiple studios and lots of different themes". ;)

becca, i know! i love them so much. they're sitting on my ironing board and every time i walk by them i admire them!

i actually started another embroidery piece this morning, specifically sized to fit inside one of them, so they'll eventually be used.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Man, that robot fabric is freaking awesome! What a lucky bebe :)

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