Friday, July 24, 2009

Fabric Friday - Cotton Moire and Vintage Flowers

i'm still in manitoba, but i prepared a few posts before i left, including fabric fridays, thank god. if i'd had to use 56k to write up posts and add photos, it would never happen! it's taking forever as it is just to get this posted, and i'm starting to wonder how the internet ever caught on, given the immense frustration of dial up!

honestly, between the dial up and the lack of cell phone coverage, i'm about ready to scream. (a short conversation with my dad today required calling back FIVE times because the call kept dropping) i am so spoiled living in the lower mainland!

today's fabric is quite fitting, because as i've been waiting for pages to load, i've been embroidering away on a white version of it!

i've always loved moire fabric. i vividly remember a piece of turquoise taffeta.. oddly i remember it as fabric, but i can't remember what i made with it! a skirt, i'd assume. anyway, the point is, i love it. i love the visual texture it creates in your garments or other projects, and i think it's a more subtle version of faux bois (which i also adore!) defines it as
Moire and Moire taffeta [mwaah-ray'] Means watered. Obtained by passing through engraving rollers, producing crushed "watermark" patterns that reflect light differently. Used most often on ribbed fabrics made with cotton, acetate, rayon, silk and some manufactured fabrics. Moire taffeta is taffeta with a moire finish that has been heat set.

i've never used REAL moire, with the crushed watermark patterns, just the heat set taffeta style. a few weeks ago i found cotton moire, which appears to be printed on, using a tone on tone ink.

cotton moire

i have one piece of this red, and three pieces of white cotton moire, one of which i'm currently embroidering on! i have plans for the red as well... it will hopefully involve sequins...

and to go with the red, here's a lovely medium weight vintage fabric i found on the same shopping trip.
red yellow flowers

isn't it pretty?

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