Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fabric Friday! er..... Saturday!

i'm late! you knew that already though, right?

the funny thing is that i remembered yesterday, i was just so busy fighting with a particular fabric, i didn't have time to take pictures of OTHER fabric and upload them!

however, i'll blog about that fabric later tonight, i'm still uploading pics. here's some simple, easy to sew fabrics instead!

they're both vintage woven fabrics, both a bit heavier than quilting weight, but not quite as heavy as home decor. they'd be perfect for a more structured dress, curtains or a knitting bag, something like that. they'd make awesome pillows too, but probably wouldn't hold up to the wear of upholstery (not that i have nearly enough for that anyway, sadly!)

for the moment i'll just hoard them, waiting for the perfect project to find them!





funny how i ended up falling for the purples and blue again, huh?

for more eye candy, check out True Up's post about spandex fabric (which totally makes me want to go buy more - i love spandex! it's so great for tights) and is continuing with the roses theme for Feedsack Friday, and this week they were BLUE roses! lovely! blue roses are my favourite i think. i love how they're unexpected....

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