Sunday, May 31, 2009

new ephemera packs added to, and today's prizes!

while gathering up goodies for today's giveaway prizes, i bundled up a whole bunch of ephemera and goodies and listed them on etsy! i'm so proud of myself, i've been saying that i was going to do this for ages!

i did ledger sheet packs -
10 pages with graph-like lines. 7 different page in the 10, the majority are ledger sheets. the largest sheet is folded for shipping.



Fun and Games packs
over 60 pieces!





Sheet Music Packs that are apparently too big to fit in envelopes, so i haven't listed them yet!
sheet music1
12 sheets of vintage sheet music, including one handwritten page

sheet music2

sheet music3

and my favourite, but also the most time consuming by far, the Book Pack
over 40 pages from books varying from first aid, plays, hymnals, bibles, dictionaries, textbooks, encyclopedias and more. includes french, polish, german, russian and more.




For Today's Giveaway prize, I've put together two ephemera and papercrafting bundles. In addition, each bundle will ALSO include one of each of the bundles above! I think i'm going to regret my generosity when it comes time to ship them.... ;)

The Prize Bundles are pretty much the same, with just a few variations. Things like playing cards are obviously different, and the info typed on the catalogue cards, the words on the German/Russian dictionary pages, the images in the slides, the holes in the player piano paper etc. in addition, one set includes a 7 gypsies walnut ink tube, and the other includes the glitter that Megan from the Upstart Crow donated.

Bundle 1
bundle 1
bundle 1a
bundle 1b
bundle 1c

Bundle 2!
bundle 2
bundle 2a
bundle 2b
bundle 2c
bundle 2d

after going through so much stuff yesterday, i'm super inspired to play with it all!

but not today! can you believe that i haven't even found the time to enter any of the other giveaways? so silly!


Peg said...

You have been busy! I'm so jealous of your self-restraint! I'd still be playing and dreaming with all that!

Elizabeth said...

all of this looks so fun--but my pianist's heart longs for the sheet music, and writer/reader's heart for the book pages! i am now inspired to go hunt around at goodwill with different intentions--not to read, but to craft! thanks!

amy dame said...

peg, trust me, i kept a lot back for myself! ha! and i have so much more. my stash is reaching epic proportions!

elizabeth, i understand the feeling! you don't know how many times i've bought books to craft with, and end up reading them instead!

if it makes you feel any better about the sheet music, they seem to be the traditional church type music of which there are a million copies floating around. even in the stack i brought home, there were a bunch of duplicates!

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