Monday, May 25, 2009

i'm a terrible friend.... but george is an AMAZING friend!

i should have posted this long ago!

my amazing friend phizzy/george is an incredible artist, amazingly witty, and super sweet to boot! she's long been a craftster crush of mine, i was so excited when she became a mod, and i'm so happy to have had the opportunity to get to know her.

she sent me a surprise package, and it honestly came at the best possible time for me, i'd had such a crappy stressful painful week.

when i opened the package, the fabric was folded like this -
i thought "ooooh, button fabric! how cool!"

and then i unfolded it a bit...
"awesome, big buttons too!"

and unfolded it a bit more....
"AMAZING! so many different buttons!!"

ha! it was more exciting everytime i unfolded it!

look at it all opened up - isn't it fricking cool? i love it!
it's actually a cushion cover, but whatever! fabric's fabric in my world, especially when it's fabric as awesome as this!

but that wasn't all! she spoiled me even more!

inside the fabric was a tissue wrapped square, and when i unwrapped it, i found this-
phizzy art

i told you she was an incredible artist!

i love it so much, i can't wait to hang it up. i can't decide which room to put it in though!

i love all the details of the piece, so here are a few closeups -

phizzy art detail
note how the text refers to to "the modern dame"!! i also love the little bit of ribbon coming out of the chimney.

phizzy art detail2
i love the stitching, and the torn and folded paper. i've seen that technique a few places lately, and i really love it. my momsaid "hey! there's hamburgler legs!" she says the same thing when i wear striped tights myself, so it wasn't a bad thing!

phizzy art detail3
again, the stitching and the tearing, and the BUTTON. this piece is so me, the C and the D, the crow in the upper corner, the black lace on the left, the black and white stripes.

i love it. phizzy totally spoiled me!

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Ellyn said...

the button fabric is indeed "frickin cool!" love it

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