Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Awesome Mail Day! (and kitty pics!)

i really should check my mail earlier in the day!

today i got lots of mail (i swear we always get more on mondays because they slack off on fridays!). i received several purchases from etsy -

3 prints from from www.cadmiumatelier.etsy.com, including this one
Silkscreened Print
(i also purchased this one and this one)
they're awesome! super vibrant and crisp. i love the texture of silkscreening!

this cute little zine, which arrived packaged in an equally cute pink panther envelope, from www.EmmaJane.etsy.com
How to Design and Make a Skirt in Any Size

and these awesome catnip eyeballs, from www.hannapt.etsy.com
catnip eyeballs!

the cats love them already, mika's intent on loving them to death!
he's actually attacking sofie's eyeball in these pictures, he found it on my bed after he got tired of his own blue one! (um, yes, i bought the cats eyeballs that matched their own eye colours.... mika has to share with gigi and hemi though.)

and also super duper exciting, i got this book!!!!
whip up prize
about a month ago i won a book from whipup.net, but i didn't know which one i was going to get! i opened the envelope to find Linen, Wool, Cotton: 25 Simple Projects to Sew with Natural Fabrics by Akiko Mano. I've been flipping through it, and it's fabulous! Full of beautifully simple projects that look like they'll be a joy to sew. I can't wait to make something!

and i'm definitely going to be buying Patchwork Style: 35 Simple Projects for a Cozy and Colorful Life come May! (it was really hard to not add a U into colour while typing that!)

awesome mail day, huh?

sewmamasew is organizing a huge giveaway day on May 27th, with lots of blogs playing along! i got distracted, and just sent my e-mail in earlier this evening, but i'm hoping i made it, since it was only 10pm here on the west coast (it's kinda nice to find another blog in the same time zone as you - everyone seems to be on eastern time these days!). i've been planning on doing a giveaway for a while, but the timing is never right. i missed my 1 year blog-versary, and then i missed 150 and 200 posts (i kept realizing it at 152, or 207!). i was thinking i'd do 250 posts, but this gives me an excuse to just do it now!

so! i'll be posting the giveaway either late on the 26th or early on the 27th. i'm going to include at least one handmade item, and then some stash goodies as well, probably vintage fabrics or something of that sort. check back tomorrow to see the giveaway!


corduroy cat said...

those eyeballs are too funny! maybe i'll make my kitties some felted eyeballs to nom, lol :)

Anonymous said...

a cat playing with an eyeball is somewhat disturbing... I made my kittens fabric birds though so they could attack them so I guess that's no less weird.

Max. H said...

Thanks for introducing me to the catnit eyeballs! They are so much fun :) I wonder if I could use one as a pincushion!

Jennifer Ladd said...

I've been eyeing that book for a while ... I might just have to buy it, now!

jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

Kaye Prince said...

That cat is so cute, but seriously a little creepy playing with the eyeball...still really super-cute though!

Unknown said...

I love mail too! We live in an apartment and our mailbox is in another building, always a surprise as to if the mail has come yet. Cute eyeballs too! Might have to look into getting some for my cat. :)

Cheryl said...

I was wondering about that book! What do you think? I heard that the fabrics required were harder to find. I have the Patchwork book, and it is great! I think you'd really enjoy it!

Tasha said...

I think I need some of thos eyeballs! lol

hcotten said...

catnip eyeballs? That is just too freaky!

Julia Marie said...

I've had my eye on that book lately - I've been getting into linen.

Misty.Creek said...

I've been drooling over both of those books, too! I can't decide which to get first, but there's so many other great books on my list, too, that I need to stop getting books and just get to sewing already!

Ginny said...

Ha ha, those eyeballs are so fun. Your cat is adorable, mine hardly plays. Drives me crazy!

Victoria M. said...

Thanks for the link to the catnip eyeballs. They are too funny!!! My cats will love them.

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