Tuesday, March 10, 2009

toronto craft alert contest!!!

toronto craft alert is having a great contest, and you can enter even if you don't live in toronto! you should go check it out!

Get 'Er Done Giveaway

the idea is to get your butt in gear and finish something, and have a chance to win a seriously kick ass prize package!

the deadline to enter is march 16, 2009, midnight EST, and i'm in manitoba, so it had to be a pretty simple project. god knows i have enough unfinished projects to choose from!

i have a really cool appliqued wall hanging that i started back in 1998 or 1999, and i'd love to have finished that, but i couldn't get it all gathered up and organized before i left for manitoba, so instead i decided to finish up the music quilt that i partially finished in july for the brother project. i bought the fabric for it in september 2007, so it has dragged on for a while!

unfortunately i'm in manitoba with crappy dial up, and i didn't remember to upload my "before" pic before i left. i finished it over the weekend while visiting my mom's side of the family and then sent it home with my mom (more luggage space for me and THRIFTING!!), so i'll take an "after" pic when i get home and upload it and the "before" picture super quick!

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