Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cool fabric and news!

first, eye candy!

i bought a gallon ziplock full of quilting scraps for $1 last week, and this piece was in it. i am so in love, it's so ugly it's gorgeous! i wish i had a bigger piece!


my scanner totally screwed up the colours, so i played around in photoshop for a while. this is much more accurate!

love!!! if i wasn't so technologically challenged i'd get fabric printed via spoonflower.

and the news is that i'm going to manitoba! in two days! (crap, i have so much to do before then!) this was a very spur of the moment decision of my mom's, and she invited me to come too (thank you air miles! all that money spent at the pharmacy has paid off!). we just decided last week, and i kept forgetting to mention it here. my great uncle is very ill, and my mom wants to see him, and my great aunt is flying out from the east coast to see him as well, and obviously mom wants to see her too, we haven't seen her in 10 or 15 years probably. apparently some cousins are coming, so it'll be a bit of a reunion for my late grandfather's side of the family. mom is only staying for the weekend, but since i find flying so difficult, i wanted more time between flights to recover, so i'm staying a little over a week. we fly out on a friday, and i'll fly back the sunday a week later. my grandmother is actually going away right after my mom leaves, which we didn't realize when we booked the tickets, so i'll be spending the entire extra time there with my dad's side of the family. (the catholic ones!) hopefully, it will be okay. they can be stressful, but at least i won't be going back and forth between the two families! the sad part of this trip is that since i'm flying, i can't take much there, or do much thrifting! i was thinking about what projects i could take to work on, and i have a baby quilt partially finished, but that would take up too much space.... i have a button project i want to do, but buttons are heavy! hmmm. i guess it'll be embroidery! it'll definitely be a good opportunity to make something for the craftster embroidery challenge!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note on the CROQ blog about doilies! Your ideas sound amazing - I would love to see a doily covered skirt!

Bibs are a great baby gift idea, too - thanks for chiming in!


p.s. I used to bring jewelry making stuff and embroidery with me when I traveled for work.

amy dame said...

apparently there are things that i forgot to post, because i can't find it, but here's one slightly covered skirt -

and a doily covered xmas stocking -

and the first thing i made with a doily, that inspired it all, so to say, a doily purse -

i love doilies! i love being able to give new life to thrift store doilies, it makes me sad that something that someone put SO MANY hours of time into ended up at the thrift store! i'm planning a doily quilt, and i think i finally have enough collected to start on it soon!

i'm definitely taking embroidery on my trip, that's what i did when i went in november. lots and lots of embroidered bibs, actually!

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