Saturday, February 28, 2009

glitter and skulls!

i received this awesome fabric from SewSugarySweet in the December Birthday Swap, and i wasn't sure what i wanted to use it for, but i knew it had to be something cool!

the two prints are part of the same line, so they go together really well, and they're super girly and glittery.

when my friend rachelle started talking about teaching her daughter to do chores, i thought "an apron! that's perfect! she'll love it! she can wear it to make chores more fun!".

this is what i ended up with. i found the pattern in the Winter 2008 issue of Quilts and More. it was fun to follow a pattern, i do that so rarely! sometimes it's nice to just follow instructions!

original source
as you can see, the original uses 4 different fabrics, and has a yoyo flower on the band. the flower's super cute, but not so fitting for the fabric i used! i considered trying to find 2 prints to match the fabric i already had, but i knew i wouldn't be able to find anything that matches as well as the two already did, so i decided to just use the two. i'm glad i did, i love how it turned out!

apron front

the back
apron back

close up of the ruffles and fabric
i changed the pattern slightly in that i topstitched each layer, and added topstitching instead of hand sewing on the waistband. i did all the topstitching in a pink that matches the pink fabric, though it showed up super light in the photos.

i think it would be super cute worn over a skirt as well, similar to the red velveteen apron in this post on craftster (i ADORE that apron and black ruffled skirt!)


tomorrowboy 2.9 said...

yo, I'm the guy at spartacus who makes atcs. let me know next time you're coming in and I'll bring some cards to trade. or we can do it via maiiillllll

AlwaysInspired said...

If I were a little girl again I'd do every chore in the house to get to wear that apron! Great work!

amy dame said...

hey matthew! thanks so much for getting in touch. i won't be coming in again until at least april, i'm going away on friday, and besides, new issues of briarpatch, cdn dimension and our times will be out in april!

i don't really have extra cards right now either, i usually make them with someone or something specific in mind, so april's probably good. thanks!

alwaysinspired, would you really? or would you just promise you would, like i promised i'd go to bed without a fight every single night if only i could get the nighttime carebear! ;)

i'm glad you like it though, PinkMafia's daughter loved it apparently!

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