Sunday, February 8, 2009

eye candy!

i've been very scattered this week, with a ridiculous number of medical appointments, and trying to get swaps finished up. i made an entry in craft's valentines contest, which i'll post, but in the meantime, here's some inspiration!

these incredible pieces were created by Calliel. she posted them on craftster, and graciously gave me permission to blog about them as well!


she created 4 pieces in total, each portraying a moment in her personal history that had great meaning and reflection on the rest of her life.

all of the pieces are incredibly detailed fabric quilts, with writing and layers of fabric and quilting all joining together.




they are incredibly beautiful and inspiring, and you should definitely check them out! i really adore this style of quilting, and it's something i aspire to do in the future, though most likely never to this degree!

(note that one of the pieces may be triggering for some people)

permission granted by artist to upload and post images


Kristina said...

That is amazing! I will have to go check those out! Thanks.

amy dame said...

you're welcome! it's very inspiring.

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