Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 7 Giveaway at Alpha Stamps!

this is the best one yet! (well, in my opinion!)

it's kings and crowns, and since i looove crowns, i think it's awesome!

it includes this awesome crown stamp set, which are also available individually a little bit bigger, or as another stamp set a little bit smaller. the collage sheet in this package is Queen of Hearts #3, which has kings and queens of hearts from various vintage playing card decks, and a really cool new product, resin 3D crowns. but my FAVOURITE thing in today's giveaway package, which i so need to order some of (supposing i don't win it, of course!), is the clear printed tape with crowns on it! seriously, LOVE! that is so cool! they have two other designs as well, a brown curly one and a black one that reminds me of old iron gates (and i love old iron gates!). they don't say if they're glossy or matte, but the designs are so kick ass that i'd be willing to settle for glossy!

so go check it out!
you have until 11:59PST to leave a comment on the entry!

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