Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Master Craftsters!

jeez, this is what happens when i don't post for a bit, i end up with too many things to post about!

an awesome e-mail (that i still need to reply to!), shopping for halloween supplies, my big purchase at the dealer/sewing shop, dotees dolls arriving, organizing, inspirations, etc. they'll all have to wait until the next post, because i have something very exciting to share!

"the big secret project" is now PUBLIC! wahoo! (finally! i'm so impatient!!)

please go to craftster and check it out!



Lindsay said...

I just checked out the Master Crafter thing yesterday! That's awesome... I'm about to give you a shout out for your Halloween wreath on my blog.

I love Craftster!

amy dame said...

thanks so much for the shout out! and i'm glad you liked my halloween wreath!

Lindsay said...

Your welcome! Keep up the great work!

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