Wednesday, September 24, 2008

craigslist score!

last week my little sister found a listing on craigslist that said "estate: suitcase of knitting patterns" she e-mailed me the link, and i e-mailed the poster, even though it had already been up for a day. i totally wasn't expecting it to still be available, but it was!

i went and picked it up the next morning, and it's awesome! there are a lot of mid-80s patterns, not tacky enough to be fun, but just a little too tacky to make, if you know what i mean, and some are mid-60s and cool, but there were also some absolute gems! the suitcase itself makes me happy too. it's in rough shape, but i don't care, i adore vintage suitcases.

i don't knit, but i do crochet, and a lot of the books had both, or were cool enough that the images themselves were the best part!

knitting patterns

i SO need to learn to knit! the elves with their fat bellies are the best (they call them pixies, actually), but i love the kitschy cuteness of the kittens too!

i love the little green hat with pixie front and the pompom on top. if i had kids i'd totally make them wear hats like that!

also, those red slipper/socks? ouchie! i don't understand buttons on the sides of socks, don't they dig into your ankles whenever you sit down?

this one was printed in germany on US soil (which i totally didn't even know existed!), so that explains the knitted shorts! the poodle totally makes me giggle.

i'm definitely going to be scanning them for my own use (artwork, etc), but i'm also looking into copyright stuff to see if i can scan any of them and post them for others. it's a bit more complicated because the majority of the patterns are canadian and british.

aren't they fun?

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