Saturday, September 20, 2008

crafting of last night and this morning....

props! my mom's in a play (did i mention it starts TODAY?) and by dress rehearsal last night, she still didn't have all her props!. enter me, her favooouurrite child!

so here they are. i really had no clue exactly what these were supposed to look like, so it was google image search to the rescue! are they recognizable? do you know where they are?

copper wire, copper coloured embroidery thread, and a bit of white bobbin thread as the string
i added a bit of glossy accents on the ends too - it won't read from the audience, but i couldn't find any sandpaper to smooth out the ends of the copper.


shrink plastic and black embroidery thread

i know the hooks are wrong, but i didn't have the right ones, and i just needed something to pick up the stage lights. it really won't read from the audience.

she was happy with them, and it was fun to take a break from my usual stuff and make such random items!

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Reve said...

I got to this entry from your dime earring (and there from Iron Craft) and I love the fact that you made copper wire IUDs. Although I don't know what the other two things are!

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