Sunday, March 9, 2008

once again, i've been neglecting my blog.... but this time i have a good reason - i've been so damn busy!

last weekend my friend miranda (vanillaxlight on flew into seattle, and i drove down. i picked her up and we continued on to portland, where we met up with pam (kittykill on and her hubby mark, and angie (taloola on and her hubby durin. we spent two days running around seeing the sights (sights=craft stores!) and doing obscene amounts of craft supply shopping (or maybe that was just me?). after many good times packed into just a few days, on monday we drove back up to canada, and miranda spent the week here with me. last night my dad and i drove her back down to seattle for her 6am flight. (thank god he decided to come with us - i was SO tired from all of our shopping and junk food eating adventures!)

lots of picture were taken, and i'm sure some will be posted here, as well as pictures of some of my crafty purchases! but not right now, i'm still recovering from the all night drive!

in the meantime, i will mention that lisa volltrath is doing another holiday countdown. this one is a bit longer than some, and includes st patrick's day and easter. not particularily my favourite holidays (i hate how damn pastel easter stuff is!), but images are always fun and good!
the link is here -

i also made a vinyl bag while miranda was here, so i'll be posting pics of that as well.

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