Wednesday, September 26, 2007

wedding crochet

when one of the other mods on craftster was planning her wedding, she had an idea for how we could all "share" in the wedding without actually being there.

emily (emilyflew) sent balls of yarn to all the mods who wanted to participate, and asked that we knit or crochet a piece for her. the only requirement was that it be 3 feet long, it could be as wide as we wanted. then we all sent them back to her before her wedding, and she seamed them together to create a a beautiful piece to decorate the space on her wedding day.

she posted the full piece on craftster here.

these are the two pieces i sent - closeups only, unfortunately! (click on the pics to see the full image)

fishnet with seed beads in orange and yellow, her wedding colours.

and shells.

the yarn was super lovely, very very fine mohair, and it was much nicer to work with than i'd expected! one day i'll make a shawl or something out of similar yarn, it would be fabulous! (but i won't do the fishnet, cause that took forever!)

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