Wednesday, September 12, 2007

august/05 - virgin mary book cover

not my style, and not my best work, but oh well, i'm still pretty happy with it. the person i'm sending it to crochets a lot, and needed a way to organize her patterns better.

i found this picture of the virgin mary knitting (i couldn't find one of her crocheting).
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so i put it onto a book cover for her, along with a crocheted doily (from the thrift store) that i stitched on. i don't like how you can see the stitching in some parts, but the doily was in varigated cotton, so it's not like i could pick a matching thread! i really like how the spine looks though.
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and this is the inside of the book. it's 40 clear pockets. they're perfect for slipping free patterns into, or patterns printed off the internet. i love these books, i have one full of purse and applique patterns that i've made up myself so that i don't lose them, and 6 or 7 full of zines to keep them organized. i need to get at least one more for patterns.
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and it ties shut so that it stays together even once she's filled it with patterns.

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